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What We Do

Places In Progress provides foundational support to organizations and communities.

For organizations, this means improving organizational processes through project management trainings and technical assistance.  For communities, the emphasis is on crime prevention and public safety.  These services lay the groundwork for community organizations, municipalities and their constituencies to thrive and pursue greater efficiency and quality of life.

Our work is results driven and assessed solely by our clients' success in future endeavors.  See how our clients are doing today.

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Project Management

Places In Progress raises the bar on performance in the public sector.  With trainings and technical assistance that cater to your agency's specific needs and goals, clients gain a unique performance advantage that sets them apart from the competition.



SafeGrowth is a people-based philosophy for creating neighborhoods of imagination, livability and safety from crime in the 21st century.  It generates a new dynamic of power between city government and neighbors. While technology plays a role, SafeGrowth works by empowering permanent, local planning teams and facilitating strategic neighborhood improvement plans.