Places In Progress


Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Who We Are

Places In Progress believes that there are two primary factors that underpin successful community development:

  1. For community groups and municipalities: A strong foundation in project management.
  2. For community residents: Public safety.

By first addressing these two needs, we believe that public sector agencies and their constituencies can improve their performance and set themselves apart from competing grantseekers.


Public agencies and nonprofits are known as much for their purpose-driven work as their efficiency and high-impact programming.


Places In Progress equips public sector agencies and their constituencies with tools and strategies that allow for greater program impact and increased public safety.




Founder & Principal

Brad Vassallo

A diverse background in youth development, placemaking and project management has given Brad the tools to envision change and leverage existing community assets to enliven the neighborhood fabric.  Drawing on a depth of experience in the nonprofit sector, Brad engages communities of all kinds to encourage participatory change where community residents take the lead.  Doing so will shift the power dynamic toward true grassroots development in which all have an equal voice.

Soon after graduating from Temple University with his B.S. in Community Development, Brad was the recipient of a Knight Foundation Emerging City Champions Fellowship for his involvement as Project Manager of APM's Pop Up Market Place project in North Philadelphia.